Group Partner: Yousra ElShafeei
Master of Architecture in Emergent Technologies and Design 
Architectural Association School of Architecture
The objective of this seminar was to introduce multi objective optimisation and develop an understanding of its applications to design scenarios. Evolutionary algorithms are widely used in order to create solutions for design problems that tend to have multiple conflicting aspects or criteria. In order to find the fittest individual, the computational program will have to optimise and generate multiple individuals, which will then be narrowed down for selection.
The seminar was split into 3 different sequences out of which the second sequence was individual work. Sequence I was an introduction to evolutionary algorithms, and the design problem was generated entirely through grasshopper. This sequence improved our knowledge on evolutionary post analysis through graphs and these skills will be applied further in the next two sequences.
Sequence II started with a thorough introduction of Wallacei X and its uses. Al Hamra Tower, by SOM located in Kuwait City, was assigned to us as a case study and was utilized as our primitive for the remainder of the seminar. The focus of this sequence was to thoroughly understand the body plan of the tower and try to enhance it based on the set fitness criteria.
Sequence III takes the primitives generated in sequence II and tries to enhance them further. This sequence required the Al Hamra tower primitive to be moved to a new geographical and urban environment. This simulation focused on integrating the tower and the context and the selected solutions are compared and analysed based on environmental and morphological fitness criteria.

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